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Appearances by the Foxes association, including players, mentors, staff and the Foxes mascots all through Colorado are a key some portion of the Real Colorado Foxes’ group outreach endeavors.

For more data on any of the appearances beneath or to figure out how you can plan a Real Colorado Foxes appearance, please call 303-694-6882.


In the event that you are keen on having an individual from the Foxes take an interest in your occasion, please finish the Player Appearance Request Form. In spite of the fact that the Foxes are enthusiastic to collaborate with different associations and fans in the group, their accessibility because of preparing, travel and amusements is restricted. Email asks for and phone calls won’t be acknowledged.

All appearance and talking solicitations for Foxes mentors and staff must be submitted in composing. The Foxes will just consider 501(c)3 associations for complimentary appearances. Every other solicitation will be charged an hourly rate for a player/mentor, or a comparable gift to the Foxes Organization.

Demands for players, mentors and staff won’t be considered for individual occasions, for example, birthday gatherings, Jewish rights of passage, graduations, commemorations and so forth. Appearances by work force in this gathering for the most part keep going for 60 minutes. Similarly as with player appearances, please take note of that the Foxes can’t promise that each solicitation will be obliged.



Solicitations must be gotten four (4) weeks before the occasion date

All solicitations must be submitted through the Player Appearance Request Form.

Finished solicitation structures must be sent or faxed to the accompanying:

Genuine Colorado Foxes Community Relations Department

Attn: Player Appearances

8200 S. Akron St, Ste.122

Centennial, Colorado 80112

Fax: 303-694-4803


It would be ideal if you allude to the Foxes’ calendar preceding presenting your solicitation. Player appearances by and large last from 60-an hour and a half. Players are not accessible on amusement days, and “Off” days and no appearances will start before 2:00 pm because of the every day preparing timetable. Some of our player appearances that are group situated are non-paid appearances. Then again, numerous municipal associations offer honorariums to players or offer to make gifts to the Foxes Organization.

The Foxes players and mentors are for the most part not accessible amid the off-season

While considering appearance demands, we hold fast to the accompanying criteria:

Clear part for the player in the occasion (perusing to a class, hand out recompenses, and so forth.)

No exercises with danger of damage

Depiction of occasion (excluding player appearance). We prescribe that your occasion NOT base on the player’s participation, but instead have them serve as a supplement to the general occasion

NO profession days solicitations will be acknowledged

Number of and surmised period of participants

Appearances are a vital piece of our association and we consider them important. If you don’t mind audit the accompanying rundown of rules to protect that the appearance goes well for everybody:

Players/mentors can perform an assortment of assignments at an occasion. They may give talks, exhibit abilities, sign signatures, posture for pictures, lead practices, or read to kids. If it’s not too much trouble be particular on your Player Appearance Request Form.

Because of the players’ occupied timetables, we can’t promise particular players. Group chiefs, national cooperative individuals, and significant stars are prominent and can’t be at each appearance. Subsequently, we can’t generally respect particular player demands.

The Foxes claim all authority to reschedule or scratch off an appearance because of a sudden clash.

All supplies/hardware vital for the appearance must be prepared when the player/mentor touches base (for instance, seats and tables ought to as of now be set up when Foxes arrive).

In the occasion of downpour or snow, please give safe house to the player/mentor.

There should be a contact individual working at the occasion who must stay with the Foxes player or mentor at all times.



Utilization of the Real Colorado Foxes name, logos, trademarks and/or any publicizing that infers the bolster or sponsorship of an occasion or association by Real Colorado, Real Colorado Foxes, Shea Stadium, or United League Soccer Leagues must be endorsed in composing by the Real Colorado Foxes.

If it’s not too much trouble forward all craftsmanship that elements any of the above things before advancing a Foxes player appearance, to the Foxes Community Relations Department for endorsement. This approach relates to all types of promoting, including all printed (advertisements or flyers), TV, and/or radio ads or commercials.


When your solicitation has been inspected, you will be reached by a Community Relations agent and take in the status of your solicitation: declined, pending, or acknowledged. Because of the volume of solicitations, please permit 1-2 weeks for a reaction. Kindly don’t contact the Community Relations division to keep an eye on the status of a solicitation.

In the event that your solicitation has been acknowledged, it has been done so in understanding to the data gave in the Player Appearance Request Form. In the event that progressions are set aside a few minutes, we can’t promise that we will have the capacity to suit the progressions.

Keeping in mind the end goal to oblige whatever number gatherings as could be expected under the circumstances, when in doubt, the Foxes don’t make return visits to associations inside of a schedule year. Additionally, an affirmed appearance does not guarantee yearly cooperation by the Foxes. On the off chance that for any reason we have to wipe out an appearance, we will inform your association when we know about an unavoidable clash.